This is our mission, to be the best

Nurses are our front line defenders of health. From veteran nurses, to nurses in training, you span the world of Nursing. You are Nurse-span. Your issues will be our issues.

Nurses help people, sick or well, to do those things needed for health or a peaceful death that people would do on their own if they had the strength, will, or knowledge.

                           Nursing theorist Virginia Henderson

We will explore your personal needs and health hazards. Consult Nurse-span daily, for the latest updates in Nursing technology, drugs, and treatments. Over 3 million RNs serve the public. Some of you are APN's, CNS's, LPN's, CNA's, NP's, or specialists, such as CRNA's.

A critical shortage of Nurses exists, despite your impressive numbers. You work long hours, and your patient ratio keeps rising. Why? Because your care is critical to our lives. Each of you worked hard to earn your education. And you dedicate yourself to the humane toil of direct health care. You serve in acute care hospitals, in home and community centers, in corporate worksites. Many of you continue advancing in Nursing. Some of you have earned advanced degrees.

We will explore every path of Nursing--- from the benefits of being a nurse, to how hospitals recruit nurses, to cutting-edge technologies in Nursing, new drugs and treatments, new hospital policies. Keep up with how new developments continually affect YOU. Use NURSE-span to stay current, to find answers when you need them. In this rapidly changing world of Nursing, use NURSE-Span to stay ahead of the future. Make sure that your Nursing career spans the future of Nursing!